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Octane AI | Grow Ecommerce Sales with Messenger Marketing

Case Studies

See how merchants use Octane AI to acquire, retain and support their customers.

How Skinny Mixes Used Messenger and SMS to Increase Monthly Revenue by $100,000 - $280,000

Skinny Mixes Facebook Messenger and SMS

"It’s rare to find people in the tech space who are both knowledgeable, personable and passionate. Matt, and the Octane AI team are constantly surprising us with their attention to detail and dedication to our brand. It has been truly inspiring working with the Octane AI team and we’re excited for our future with them."

Alex Tenney

Digital Marketing Specialist

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The Messenger & SMS Strategy That Resulted in 79% More Revenue and a 66% Increase in AOV

Kala Brand Music

"The importance of personalized recommendations can’t be stated enough - even with standard best practices implemented, campaign performance didn’t budge until Octane AI's conversational product recommendation ads were implemented."

Alex Kyle

Senior Media Manager at Hawke Media

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How Nexbelt Saw 55% Revenue Growth and a 44% Increase in Return on Ad Spend

“Hawke Media had been managing Facebook Ads for the past year with revenue, ROAS, and average order value slowly decreasing each month. In order to jumpstart Facebook campaigns, Octane AI was integrated to utilize conversational messaging, cart recovery, and more as a compliment to Nexbelt’s existing digital strategy on Facebook.”

Alex Kyle

Senior Media Manager at Hawke Media

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Sivana Spirit Increased Average Order Value by 25%


"We really enjoy using Octane AI because it was quick and easy to setup. The sales just come in without too much work on our end. I would easily recommend Octane AI to other ecommerce merchants."

Benn Mendelsohn

Founder & CEO at Sivana Spirit

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How MuteSix Helped Aviator Gear Automate Sales and Customer Support with Octane AI


“Octane AI has provided endless opportunities to grow. General customer questions have been entirely automated, and by utilizing the Comment Capture feature, we’ve obtained quality leads and grown our messenger list by over 200%”

Sammy Tran

Manager at MuteSix

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Beekeeper's Naturals Averaged a 6X ROAS with Messenger Ads


“As a brand new marketing channel for us, we've seen great success on Messenger. Partnered up with Octane AI - we were able to see returns as high as 6x through leveraging click to messenger ads with our remarketing audience!”

Daniel Millar

COO at Beekeeper's Naturals

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FEAT Socks Increased Abandoned Cart Revenue by 5X in Two Weeks

FEAT Socks

“It only took a few minutes to setup with three clicks. This is the best product we've ever used. If you're in ecommerce, you NEED Octane AI!”

Taylor Offer

Founder at FEAT Socks

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VerClare Boutique increased monthly revenue by 14%

FEAT Socks

“One of the best things about my experience with Octane AI is the large number of sales that it has brought in to me over the course of the past 90 days, and I love the fact that it stays in front of my customers consistently.”

Cristina Vercler

Founder of Verclare Boutique

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Pure Cycles Connected with Over 10,000 Customers

“Octane AI has enabled us to talk to over 10,000 of our customers and has grown our revenue online by about 14%”

Jordan Schau

Co-founder at Pure Cycles

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Apt2B Increased Revenue by 17%

“We've only been working with Octane AI for a short amount of time, but we've already seen a serious lift, about a 17% increase in revenue for those who interacted with the bot."

Alex Back

Co-founder Apt2B

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LXMI Increased Revenue by 7%

“What I love about Octane AI is that it can replicate what we do in email marketing campaigns through a different channel that is actually more likely to get read very quickly, which is Facebook Messenger.”

Leila Janah

Founder of LXMI

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Messenger marketing

1 out of 9 messages sent via Octane AI campaigns convert into a sale.

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