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Octane AI | Grow Ecommerce Sales with Messenger Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

It's time to get some answers.

What is Messenger marketing?

Messenger marketing is almost exactly the same thing as email marketing, except that instead of sending emails you are sending customers private messages on Facebook. You can use Octane AI to power Messenger marketing campaigns for abandoned carts, receipts, shipping notifications, and custom campaigns.

Do customers like getting messages on Facebook?

Yes! Open and engagement rates in Messenger are 2-3x that of email, indicating that customers prefer this channel. 53% of people who message businesses say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message.

Can Octane AI help with customer support?

Yes, you can use Octane AI to automatically answer questions sent in by your customers! Of course, the bot can't answer everything, but you can also choose when you want to answer yourself or show a customer how to get to other customer support channels you prefer.

How does the checkbox work?

The checkbox is powered by Facebook, so as long as the customer is logged into Facebook in another tab this checkbox will automatically know who they are. When they click “Add to cart”, your store will get permissions to message them in the future. Previously, you could only send follow up messages (like an abandoned cart message) to people who have given you their email address. This checkbox allows you to reach a much larger audience without asking them to do anything new.

How do I add the checkbox to my store?

Easy, no development needed. Just click a couple of buttons to connect your store to the Octane AI Shopify app.

Can I message people more than just an abandoned cart message?

Yes! We let you automatically send other campaigns like receipts and shipping notifications, but you can also set up custom drip campaigns (e.g. Automatically ask someone how they like their product 15 days after they bought it) and manual broadcasts (e.g. Send a message to every female customer who has bought something in the past 30 days that lives in New York City).

Does this replace my email marketing campaigns?

Most stores use a combination of email marketing and Messenger marketing. This isn't meant to completely replace your email campaigns (at least not yet!).

Can I customize the campaigns to use my own messaging?

Yes, absolutely!

Can my bot automatically answer people's questions? How does it know what to say to them?

Yes, you can train your bot to understand anything. Over time, your bot will be able to answer almost every question someone sends to it.

How long has Octane AI been around for?

Octane AI was founded in 2016, when Facebook first introduced bots for Facebook Messenger. We've been lucky to worth with incredible brands like Kiehl's, GoPro, and Warner Music Group. Our investors include General Catalyst and the founder of Evernote.

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