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Octane AI Pro: The Best Plan for Fast-growing Stores

VIP support, onboarding help, advanced customer segmentation and targeting, custom flows, enterprise-level security, and powerful analytics and integrations are only available in Octane AI Pro.

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Octane AI Team

VIP Support

Get access to an exclusive support team that will help resolve your issues in minutes or hours.

Octane AI Onboarding

Expert Onboarding

We'll help you get your Octane AI bot up and running with all the best practices.


Advanced Segmentation and Targeting

Create advanced customer segments and retarget them based on their responses in your Messenger bot.

Decision Data

Powerful Analytics

Octane AI's proprietary Decision Data technology lets you understand deeply how customers are behaving in your bot.


Enterprise-Level Security

Octane AI is GDPR-compliant and has implemented rigorous security measures to protect you and your customers' data.

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