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Octane AI | Grow Ecommerce Sales with Messenger Marketing

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Combine SMS and Facebook Messenger to drive new sales, retarget customers, and automate support. Manage and measure all of your messaging campaigns from one dashboard.

Coming soon to the Octane AI platform.

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octane ai sms

Combine SMS and Messenger to Drive More Sales

Reach more of your customers, no matter which messaging channel they use. Sync SMS and Messenger for seamless campaigns with 90%+ open rates.


Retarget Customers with Automated SMS Flows

Coming soon. Abandoned carts, up-sells, welcome series, and more -- automatically text customers based on specific triggers and campaigns.


Create Conversational Experiences for Your Customers

Don't just message your customers -- have a conversation with them. Let Octane AI's Smart Response technology elevate your SMS conversations (coming soon).

Request Early Access to Octane AI for SMS

The world's fastest growing brands are using Facebook Messenger + SMS.Join them.