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Octane AI | Grow Ecommerce Sales with Messenger Marketing

Success Story

Primary Goods Transformed The Online Shopping Experience And Increased Revenue With Octane AI For Shopify

This online Direct to Consumer (D2C) company added Octane AI to their Shopify store to increase their sales and transform how they interact with online customers. Their success with Octane AI is so great that they "wouldn't trust any other bot platform."


abandoned cart revenue

3 weeks

to recover return on investment

Here is Octie hanging out with Lacey, the Primary Goods' office dog.

Their Story

How to stop making your bed every day

Primary Goods set out to solve a major problem: making your bed every day. After a successful Kickstarter launch, they became an ecommerce powerhouse on Shopify. With their "snap in place" technology, you'll never have to make your bed again.

Their Goal

Transform the Online Shopping Experience

Primary Goods wanted to recreate the 5 star in-store experience that you would get at a luxury retailer, but with online shoppers. It's hard to connect with a brand online, but with Octane AI, Primary Goods managed to build a personal relationships with their customers through Messenger.

The results? They increased abandoned cart recovery, received more customer feedback in an efficient way, collected more email addresses than ever before and ultimately increased their revenue.

What They Said About Octane AI

"We wouldn't trust any other bot platform. The support alone is unbeatable. It's made our jobs easier and we love it. I even tell people to switch from other bot platforms to Octane AI because it's so great."

Amanda Friedlander, Marketing Manager at Primary Goods

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